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Board of Trustees

Bonny Doon Union Elementary School District has a five-member School Board.  Board trustees are elected to either two or four year terms, and the Board elects a president at the organizational meeting each December.  We encourage parents and community members to attend at least one Board meeting each year in order to better understand what is going on at our school.  We also appreciate receiving input at these meetings.  You can find meeting agendas, minutes, dates, times, and location here.
Bonny Doon Union Elementary School District Board of Trustees, 2019-2020:


Michael Geluardi
Board President
Term: 12/2016-11/2020
919 Sunlit Lane, Santa Cruz, CA  95060

Natalia Flechsig
Term: 12/2018-11/2022
850 Martin Rd., Santa Cruz, CA  95060

Samira Hartje
*Term: 1/24/2019-11/2020
651 Westdale Dr., Santa Cruz CA  95060

Brent Zacharia
Term: 12/2018-11/2022 
84 Country Estates, Santa Cruz, CA  95060

Catelyn Orsini
Clerk of the Board
Term: 12/2018-11/2022
2941 Pine Flat Rd., Santa Cruz, CA  95060