"The school is a great place to be, with great beauty and happiness.  We are very happy and sometimes even surprised at BD Elementary, its staff and families.  We are extremely lucky to be able to attend the school."

~ Parent Comment From the 2010/2011 School Survey

The Staff at Bonny Doon

Main phone number: 831-427-2300
Class/Title Extension
Stephanie Siddens Superintendent/Principal 204
Classroom Teachers
Kristie Carruthers TK/K 208
Diane Herd K/1st 206
Ola Mugnier 1st/2nd 213
Margaret McAuley 2nd/3rd 211
Stephanie Sumarna 3rd 212
Sarah Speers 4th/5th 228
Heidi Reynolds 4th 219
Holiday Smith 5th/6th 222
Marsha Isaacson Speech Teacher 215
Mary Rose Hellenthal Title I Academic Support 220
Jessica Holbrook Physical Eduation Teacher 200
Megan McElroy Music Teacher 216
Kate Sommer Science/Life Lab Teacher 214
Pat Ward Resource Specialist 221
Support Staff:
Sonia Bame-Smith Instr. Aide, Yard Duty, Advisor 200
Cyndy Coté Assistant to Sup/Principal 200
Alison Fuhrman Business Assistant 203
Beth Hill ASP/Instr. Aide/Yard Duty 209 (427-3860)
Francisco Proa Maintenance Supervisor 223 (427-2144)
Ursula Scholz-Gross Instructional Aide, Yard Duty 200
Mari Hubbs Instructional Aide, Yard Duty 200
Wendy Sibray Instructional Aide, Yard Duty 200
Jean Williams Library, Instr. Aide/Yard Duty Library 210
Melinda Rugani After School Program Aide 209
Casey Harmon Student Council 200
John Rugani Transportation/Bus Driver 200 (427-2144)


Bonny Doon Elementary School :: 1492 Pine Flat Road, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 :: (831) 427-2300
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