“Everything will be OK in the end.  If it is not OK, it is not the end.”


Kristie Carruthers, Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, Minor in Psychology from UC Davis
Teaching Credential from Sacramento State University

Employment History
2005-2006 O.W. Erlewine Elementary School, Sacramento, CA
2006-Present Bonny Doon Elementary School, Santa Cruz, CA

I believe teaching is not a single profession, but a collection of many. As a nurse, a mentor, a therapist, a caretaker, an organizer, a daredevil, a guardian, a timekeeper, a storyteller, a mediator, an artist, a facilitator, an advocate, a director, and a life long learner, a teacher does not teach because he or she cannot do, but teaches because he or she cannot do anything else like it.  To teach with creativity, sincerity and a sense of community is a reward, to be entrusted with the lives of children is a gift.  To know you have made children feel successful, safe and happy as they continue on their own path is to teach.

Above all else at this school, I love Bonny Doon students.  I love the eagerness and genuine love of learning they bring into the classroom everyday.  They are ready to ask questions, be creative and take risks.  The active role they play in their own learning is an inspiration and every educator’s dream.  Having the respect and trust of not only these children, but the rest of the school community also allows me to be the teacher I am meant to be.  I love Bonny Doon School for embracing the whole child, the whole teacher, the whole community; we as teachers love Bonny Doon and are grateful to feel it love us back.
Optional, but might be nice!

I love the outdoors and everything beautiful, from smiles to sunsets…decorating, organizing, bringing color and laughter to the lives of others, taking photos, spending time with family and friends, opening my home to guests and everything about water.  

Bonny Doon Elementary School :: 1492 Pine Flat Road, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 :: (831) 427-2300
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